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  Manual and Schedule


Current Manual and Schedule

January      Section 1: Fundamentals of Electricity and Electronics

Chapter 1: Science of Electricity and Electronics

Chapter 3: Electrical Circuit Materials

Chapter 5: Sources of Electricity

Chapter 2: Basic Instruments and Measurements

Chapter 4: Energy


February     Section 2: Basic Circuits

Chapter 6: Series Circuits

Chapter 7: Parallel Circuits

Chapter 8: Series-Parallel Circuits

Addendum: Soldering and LEDs


March          Section 3: Motors, Generators, and Power Distribution

Chapter 9: Magnetism

Chapter 11: DC Motors

Chapter 13: AC Motors

Chapter 10: Generators

Chapter 12: Transformers

April             Section 4: Advanced Electronic Circuits

Summary and Introduction to Advanced Circuits

Chapter 16: Tuned Circuits - RCL Networks

Chapter 19: Integrated Circuits

Chapter 14: Inductance and RL Circuits

Chapter 17: Semiconductors, Pwr Supplies

Chapter 20: Digital Circuits

Chapter 15: Capacitance and RC Circuits

Chapter 18: Tubes, Transistors, Amplifiers

Chapter 21: Oscillators

May              Section 5: Electronic Communication and Data Systems

Chapter 22: AM FM Radio Communications

Chapter 24: Fiber Optics - Lasers

Chapter 25: Personal Computers

Chapter 23: Television


Videos: Summaries

Electrical Principles



Direct Current

Electrical Components: Part 1

Thomas Edison: Father of Invention

Power Supplies

Alternating Current

Electrical Components: Part 2

Tesla: Master of Lightning

Logic Gates, Binary Operations


Electrical Components: Part 3


CPU and PC Circuits





Previous Manual

Section 1: DC Circuits

Preface: Breadboards

3. Voltage

6. Measurements

8. DC Circuits

1. Fundamentals of Electricity

4. Resistance

7. Power

9. Magnetism

2. Current

5. Ohm's Law and Kirchhoff's Laws


Section 2: AC Circuits

10. Inductance

13. AC Measurements

15. Capacitive AC Circuits

17. Resonance Circuits

11. Capacitance

14. Resistive AC Circuits

16. Inductive AC Circuits

18. Transformers

12. Alternating Current

Section 3: Semiconductor Devices

19. Semiconductor Fundamentals

21. Zener Diodes

23. Field Effect Traisistors

25. Integrated Circuits

20. PN Junction Diodes

22. Bipolar Transistors

24. Thyristors

26. Optoelectric Devices

Section 4: Linear Electronic Circuits

27. Power Supplies

29. Amplifier Applications

31. Wave Shaping Circuits

32 Soldering

28. Amplifier Basics

30. Oscillators



Section 5: Digital Electronic Circuits

32. Binary Number Systems

34. Simplifying Logic Circuits

35. Sequential Logic Circuits

37. Microcomputer Basics

33. Basic Logic Gates


Measurements, Labs, Lab 1: Part a only

Capacitance, Exercises, Exercise 1

European Siren

LEDs Lab

Measurements, Labs, Lab 2, a, b, c

Capacitance, Exercises, Exercise 2



A: Symbols

B: Videos

C: Switches


E. Format for all Labs

F: Field Trips

G. PSpice and MacSpice

H. Number Systems

I: Final Projects