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Artificial Intelligence Manual


Visual Prolog: Preliminaries

Prolog (Programming in Logic) Tutorial - Microsoft Word

1. Fundamental Prolog, Part 1

3. Environment Overview

5. IDE

2. Fundamental Prolog, Part 2

4. Language Reference



Visual Prolog: Topics

1. Introduction to Prolog

4. Using Structures

7. Prolog in AI: Proglem Solving Strategies

2. Syntax and Program Meaning

5. Controlling Backtracking

8: Prolog in AI: Best-First Heuristic Search

3. Lists, Operators, Arithmetic

6. Input and Output

9. Prolog in AI: Constraint Logic Programming


Course Text (PowerPoint Summaries by Mims)

1. Introduction

4. Informed Search and Exploration

8. First-Order Logic

2. Intelligent Agents

5. Constraint Satisfaction Problems

9. Inference in First-Order Logic

3a. Searching: PowerPoint

6. Adversarial Search

A. Alan Turing

3b. Searching:  Notes

7. Logical Agents