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Suggested Items to Review for C++ Quizzes


Quiz 1-1

Quiz 1-2

Quiz 1-3


Quiz 1-1

   My Notes

         Items covered to date

         Up to and including material covered today

   The Text

         Chapter 1: C++ Fundamentals

        Chapter 2: Introducing Data Types and Operators

        Chapter 3: Program Control Statements

        Chapter 4: Arrays, Strings, and Pointers (Arrays only)

   My Manual

        Chaper 1: Introduction

        Chapte 2: Getting Started

        Chapter 3: Control Statements 1

        Chapter 4: Functions

        Chapter 5: Rand Function

        Chapter 6: Control Statements 2

        Chapter 8: Arrays (One-Dimensional Only)

        Chapter 11: Math Functions

   Previous Quizzes and Solutions (only that material we have covered so far)

Quiz 1-2

The second quiz will focus on 2 subject areas, one-dimensional arrays and functions

Items that you should know for each subject area are listed below


1.  One-Dimensional Arrays


     a. How to declare them

     b. How to initialize them using

         (1) Individual assignment

         (2) A loop

         (3) An Initializer list

     c. How to pass them to a function along with any necessary parameters

     d. What you are actually passing when you pass an array

     e. The standard algorithms

         (1) Finding the sum or the average of the items in the array

         (2) Finding the largest or smallest item in the array

         (3) Printing with stated number of items per line

     f. The difference between an element whose index is 5 (for example) and the 5th element


2.  Functions

     a. How to call them from the main

     b. How to pass any necessary parameters

     c. How to write them

     d. How to return values back to the main or other calling function