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Computer Science Club



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Trips and Invited Speakers

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To explore topics of current interest in the field of computer science. It is also expected to be useful for those students participating in the Adventures in Computing, Science Fair, or Computing Olympiad contests or independent study courses sponsored or offered by the instructor. Topics covered could include those from

♦  Artificial Intelligence

♦  Non-AP Java

♦  Assembly Language

♦  Finite Elements

♦  Other Languages

♦  LeJOS

♦  AP Java B

♦  OpenGL

♦  Numerical Methods


♦  Operating Systems

♦  Parallel Processing

♦  Robotics

♦  Genetic Algorithms

♦  Cryptography


Any Academy student with approval of the Academy sponsor.  Factors to be considered by the sponsor will include conduct, grades, other commitments, and an ability to work in a group environment.

Meeting Times and Locations

As agreed upon by the members and the sponsor.


The student club leader and other positions will be voted upon by members of the team. Specific club activities will be voted upon by the team.

Trips and Invited Speakers

Trips to local sites of interest (Sandia, Base, UNM, Corporations, etc) and invited speakers may be arranged depending upon interests of club members.

Club Page

A section of this site will be for use by the club; separate pages will be established as desired by the club members.

Students can forward links, meeting notes, etc. to the club sponsor for posting.