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Beyond the Big Bang

The History Channel                                        Notes taken by a student during the video (Useful?)


    Astronomy: Aristotle to Newton

      ♦  Aristotle

      ♦  Aristarchus

      ♦  Ptolemy

      ♦  Copernicus

      ♦  Kepler

      ♦  Galileo

      ♦  Newton

    The big bang theory: Einstein to Guth

      ♦  General Theory of Relativity and "Einstein's biggest mistake" (1915)

      ♦  Hubble and his discovery of expanding universe: 1929

      ♦  Lemaitre proposes a "big bang" theory (1927)

      ♦  Cosmic microwave radiation (1978 Nobel prize)

      ♦  A problem with the big bang

      ♦  A solution - inflation - Alan Guth (1980)

      ♦  Detection of gravitational waves as predicted by Einstein's theory: 2014